1961-2021: 60 años actuando por los
derechos humanos en todo el mundo

Amnesty International is an organization made up of people who take injustice personally. We stand up for women's and LGBTI rights, advocate freedom of expression, campaign to end the death penalty and torture, and work tirelessly to investigate and report human rights violations around the world.
To do this, we need a large number of young people who are willing to change the world. By joining Amnesty International you will be part of a global movement, while meeting other people with similar ideals to yours.

Amnesty International is present in the WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid to inform you about the human rights situation in the world. Come to our information stand.
You can also download information here on three topics that will surely be of interest to you:
If you live in Spain and want to change the world, this is the perfect place for you. You can join other people like you to take action and engage others in the struggle for human rights. We know that within you there is a brave person, who takes injustice personally and speaks out for what is right.
It's here and it's now.
Become an activist
Amnesty International
We believe in the importance of young people getting involved and mobilized. We want you to stand up, fight for human rights and be part of this increasingly growing community of young people. There are more than 20 AI Groups in Universities and more than 80 AI Groups all over Spain that you can join. It's here and it's now, become an activist!

It's here and it's now. Become an activist!

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